music and animation

Today my sister sent me an animation she made a long time ago. As always i though it was amazing. The reason why i love her artworks so much is because it’s totally different and creative. These are things she picked up on her own interest and she started it only when she was in her tenth grade. Before that she was as bad as me. Now art is something that comes to her naturally. I guess there are things you can teach yourself without necessarily learning it anywhere, all you need is passion and interest (and a bit of skill). The song is called 'woo hoo' by a Japanese rock band (three girls) called 'the'.

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Maastricht (as i see)

music: Carter Burwell - esme's favourite
place: maastricht
I took all the pictures in one day (on this rather sunny day)

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two videos on youtube

Just something I experimented with cause I’ve never made a video before.

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colours of spring

Spring is wonderful, the warmth and the sun. Its definately worth appreciating after long winter cold. I've been out with my camera these days, trying to frame the colours of the spring. Some picture i took these couple of days.

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15 mins late

I missed my exam for the last module. The funny thing is that i was so definite that the exam starts at 10am, so in my mind i was 45 mins early when i was 15 mins late. The rule was changed just the other day which i unfortunately did not read cause i was busy studying for the exam. I normally recheck with my friends for the examination time but this time I didn’t. Ironically it turns out i did tell Sarah that it starts at 9. Well when i found out i was late, i just rushed into the examination room but the examiner there (an old lady who apparently doesn't speak English) wouldn't let me in (bloody rule). Well i did everything i could in my capacity to get the exam done on that day. I was so prepared and ready to get it done. I was even locked in a room by my course coordinator so that she could work out on the problem (her idea of shutting me out from information/connection). But somehow nothing got worked out. Well now i just have to take the re-sit which is two months from now. At first i was mad at myself for the sheer stupidity of not asking anyone or checking the course manual twice or even once. But seriously now i'm totally over it. I honestly think that my problems are just too insignificant to be worked out about.
Anyhow my only resolution for this year is to 'experience new thing' so probably this is a good thing; another new accidental experience to add to my list.
These days I’ve just been on deviantart trying to capture spring as much as I can.

pic taken few mins ago

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battle of the bands

Today was the final round of the battle of the bands. The bands i voted for earlier made it (big smile for that).
So today we had The Imagineers, Polot Flames, Jamestown and TV Off. Besides their own songs, all of them had to do a cover song of Nirvana's 'smells like teen sprit'. I loved the version by the imagineers, they made it their own and it sounded like a whole new song. The one by tvoff was very creative since they mixed the music from the cover song with two other song and it totally worked.
so my vote:
first :: TV OFF

the imagineers

another night of live music.
hl-otn: the vocalist from tvoff gave me a copy of their CD, how cool is that.

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