Maastricht (as i see)

music: Carter Burwell - esme's favourite
place: maastricht
I took all the pictures in one day (on this rather sunny day)

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Anonymous said...

You've captured the beauty of the clouds so well. Great work.

Here's another haiku attempted just for you:

Sweet cotton candy clouds
As if inviting birds to a grand feast
Boats below idle and empty

tchoden said...

haha... thanks so much.
I just love clouds.... if only we can hop from one cloud to another with a giant bit umbralla(red)

Anonymous said...

Well, Tchoden, have you watched the famous 1964 classic musical film 'Mary Poppins'? If I remember correctly, Mary does sit on clouds and is seen with an open umbrella.

tchoden said...

who haven't..hehe
I think we basically grew up watching sound of the music, wizard of oz and marry poppins.
These movies are timeless:)

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