holiday in Delft

Well after a long time i went out of this town for few days. It was definitely a good experience, considering the fact that i was nearly thrown out of the train and got seriously hit by an old granny (she was driving crazy with the bike), which reminds me that my leg still hurts. The funny thing was that after i got hit, it was me who was apologising and i told her it was ok. Sometimes i am just too nice for my own good.

Sometimes when you come back from something or somewhere, it feels like none of the things you experienced actually happened. Things just become a memory and i can't even say if it was for real. Like for instance, i am back in maas and it feels like i was never out of this town in the first place and did all the things i did. It is as if i was here the whole time and this feeling sure sucks, not that i like clinging on to good things cause i certainly don't. I believe in 'impermanance' of everything (life, love and the world) but sometimes when you experience such sortta feeling, it makes you wonder what's real, what's illusion and everything kindda goes blurry.

On a lighter side, i discovered this really awesome singer by the name of Siobhan Donaghy. She's one talented singer songwriter and sort of under-rated in many ways. Sometimes the world just do not appreciate pure talent and that sucks cause there are so many artist who are just too over-rated and not even worth listening to while they are being awarded with all the awards there is. For now, i am in love with her voice, so see it for yourself here.

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