Battle of the Bands

Four bands as usual, this time it was Jamestown, The Imagineers, Offroad and Vortex Surfer. Anyways the ‘battle of the bands’ is a series of competition (through performance) between the upcoming bands where the audience gets to vote for the best band and the runners up. The final round wins them a recording deal and their music gets to be featured in prominent radio broadcast.

The first band was really bad, bad vocal and nothing new about their music. They didn't even interact with the audience so there was this huge empty space between the band and the audience. I was bit confused with the second band since they started with their cowboy hats on (not so much into country music) but those hats were pretty deceiving. They were the best which is why i ended up voting for them. The third band had lots of energy but they were not the best. However, the last band was really young and talented but by then me and my friend were pretty tired, so we ended up heading home after four or five songs from the band. It was another night of awesome live music.

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