the carnival comes

The Maastricht Carnival starts today. I went with my friend to buy costume for the one week carnival. If you dress normally this week, you would probably look very odd and out of place (at least that's what my friend said). The town is filled with people dressed up in the weirdest costume.

We went to few stores that sold the ugliest and the most expensive dresses. It's amazing to see all the colourful dresses, something you would never wear on a normal day. There are range of styles and characters to choose from. I've also noticed most of those stuff are made in China. My budget is tight so i ended up buying a colossal pink glittery hat and a fake feathered neck wear (afterall i need it only for a day). He bought some of the strangest thing because he plans to be a female nurse. It’s overwhelming to see people around me get excited about the whole thing and the town is filled with typical medieval music. Constantly you see a pack of musicians passing by and people drinking beer. It seems like people always find a reason to celebrate here.

Today a week of wonderful lecture also ended. I think so far the best we've ever had. I was feeling bit too emotional when the guy wished us luck and said good bye. You don’t always meet professors who share more than their knowledge and experience and when you do you can't help feeling a bit emotive when they leave.

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pinkfeather said...

Nice photograph. I love this blog, something i came across by accident.
I love the carnivals. People dressing silly and having a good time. Life should be all about celebrating.

tchoden said...

ya it should... but things get bit crazy here with broken glasses and garbage everywhere. It ended yesterday, it was grand.

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