Paris je t'aime

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The Zombieslayer said...

Funny thing, my favorite cartoon version of France was actually Disney's Beauty and the Beast. That movie was so beautiful. Have you seen it?

Glad you enjoyed your Paris trip, and too bad you were so limited with time.

tchoden said...

of course ZS... i love that cartoon.
No worries i'll plan another trip there... gald to see you back :)

arcibaldo said...

funny how i seem to visualize how much you've rushed seeing paris with your post. i remember staying there for more than 1week but managed to go around only for 2 half-days. never got to see what they hide under that glass pyramid.

Sonam said...

Yeah, I agree. Paris really is a beautiful city. I have been there last August. During my journey to Paris, I visited three countries in that same day. Incredible. I started my journey from Netherlands in the morning and reached Brussels, Belgium in 2 hours. there i had a brief city tour on hop on hop out bus. In the evening, I took a train to Paris which took 3 hours to get there. In the same evening, I went to see Eifel Tower, which stood majestically. It truly was one of the wonders. i learnt my first french word, 'mersi' from a waiter who served me dinner, which means thank you. That day was one of my most happening and memorable time of my life.

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